Welcome to An Organized Life!

We are professional organizers, offering home and small office organizing assistance to Calgary and the surrounding area.

You may have arrived on our site because you are looking for a personal organizer, or perhaps want to understand why on earth you should consider hiring an organizer, or maybe you enjoy organizing and are looking for organizing tips to apply to your life.

Here at An Organized Life, we seek to help people understand their own personal way of being organized – we believe everyone can be organized both in terms of physical spaces as well as in life, and what works for one person may not work for the next. We can help you with organizing your home, home office, small business space, or time by providing an approach as well as working alongside you to bring your organizing vision to life.

So what do we believe about organization?

  • There are many different definitions of organized, and being organized does not automatically mean you must have magazine-perfect surroundings
  • Your spaces should be a reflection of who you are
  • The level of organization for a space should be reasonable for the function the space serves
  • Getting organized and staying organized are quite different things and therefore involve different approaches
  • Being organized is NOT a destination, it is a journey!

You may be:

  • Seeking to contain your clutter
  • Wanting to organize a space but not sure where to start
  • Trying to achieve a vision for a space or your time
  • Frustrated with an organizing system that just doesn’t work anymore
  • Looking for tips
  • Ready for a full overhaul

Whatever the case may be, we would love to hear from you. We provide our services to Calgary and the surrounding areas, with a small charge for mileage outside of city limits, and also provide virtual services – visit the Our Services page for more information.

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