Crystal Blair

Trained Professional Organizer



Growing up I convinced myself that I was the most disorganized person around. I have a sibling and parents who are all very organized and efficient with their time and possessions so I therefore wrongly assumed my desire to keep things and surround myself with my stuff made me messy and lacking a single organizing gene.

For as long as I can remember, I very much enjoyed the challenge of taking things from a state of chaos and bringing order – to this day organizing anything (big or small) brings me a feeling of accomplishment. As a kid my room would become unruly and at some point I would reach a breaking point, get everything out to sort, organize, purge and put back in a very organized and neat way. Problem was it just didn’t stay that way. Took me into my early 20’s to realize that I am different-organized than the rest of my family and the only missing piece for me was to set up a system for maintaining the order I so craved to create.

Now that I know how to get and keep organized, it is ok for me to not have “perfect” spaces because I know what it takes to get it to my “company is coming” standard.

Lu is one of the few people I have in my life where I can call her up and excitedly tell her about an organizing box I found or how I rearranged my sock drawer and know she’ll be practically as thrilled as me.

Lu Hall

Lu Hall

Lu – A high school aptitude test suggested I become an efficiency expert. I didn’t know where to apply, so I ended up becoming a computer programmer. I quickly got bored with standard business programming, and was much more intrigued with developing software tools and utilities to make my job, and that of my colleagues much more efficient.

In my personal life, I’ve moved 14 times in my adult life, organizing the moves and the new space each time. I’ve organized and packed for numerous weekend backpacking trips and extended holidays abroad. The packing is almost as much fun for me as the adventures themselves.

When I met Crystal, we immediately clicked because of our mutual fascination with “neat things” – cool stuff that helped make life easier and more organized. When we first heard the term “Professional Organizer”, it sounded like our dream job. We just knew in our hearts that’s what we were

meant to do. So here we are. I am thrilled to be starting out this new venture and I can’t think of anyone better to share the journey with.

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