Congratulations!  You did it!  You’ve gone through your clutter and purged what no longer suits you.  But now what?  What do you do with your previously loved items? While some of your items clearly belong in the trash bin, you have several options for items that have not outlived their usefulness that will keep them out of the landfill.

1. Make Some Money

Did you know the average person has approximately $425 worth of items sitting in closet that they are not using. (National Post –  26-Jan-2013 – Cleaning closet to turn a profit).  Why not turn your unused items into cash.

  • You can sell your clutter at a garage sale. Have your own or organize with several people in your neighborhood.
  • You can sell your clutter through classified ads in your local paper or on-line through sites like kijiji.
  • You can sell your clutter through auctions (e.g. e-bay) or through the numerous consignment stores across the city.

2. Pay it Forward

Selling your clutter isn’t for everyone.  Selling can take time and energy. If you don’t feel up to the task, donation is a great option. You will feel good to know your goods are going to someone who can really use them.

When donating goods, ensure they are clean and in good condition, not broken, torn, stained, or worn-out. Check with individual organizations to determine what is acceptable and not acceptable to them.

The following is a list of some of the many places in Calgary where you can donate items. And some of these organizations will even come and pick up your goods.

Multiple Locations Around Calgary
  • Canadian Diabetes Association – gently used clothing and accessories, footwear, bedding, sleeping bags, and drapes accepted at drop boxes. Housewares, small appliances and electronics can be donated by arranging for pick up. Pick up available. 
  • Calgary Food Bank – non perishable foods.
  • Calgary Public Library – childrens book’s, college text books (published in last 10 years), foreign language books (in Western Script), hardcover and paperback fiction and non-fiction, antiquarian, rare and collectible books, music CDs, books on CD*, DVDs and Blue-ray discs*, video games* (*complete disc sets with original case art only)
  • Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta – quality used clothing, accessories and shoes; soft goods like bedding, towels and area rugs; drapes; and housewares. Pick up available.   Empty beverage containers can be donated at the CPAA office.
  • Goodwill Industries of Alberta – gently used clothing and household items.
  • Inclusion Alberta – gently used clothing and accessories, footwear, bedding, housewares, small appliances (18″x18″x18″), toys, books, music and video. Pick up available. 
  • Value Village – gently used clothing and accessories, bedding and bath textiles, housewares, small appliances, toys, sporting goods, small furniture, books, music and video, and hand tools.
North West Calgary
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store – gently used clothing and accessories, housewares, furniture, electronics, toys, media and books, antiques and collectibles, computers. Pick up available. 
North East Calgary
  • Books Between Friends – All book donations in good condition are welcome except: Encyclopedias, Harlequins, Readers Digests, Magazines, Library discards, Text books, VHS tapes and Erotica.
  • Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre – clothes, furniture, small appliances.
  • Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society – gently used furniture, clothing and small household goods. Pick up available.
  • Habitat for Humanity – Restore – furniture, large appliances, building materials. Pick up available.
  • NeighbourLink – furniture, baby supplies including cribs and carseats (2013 and newer). Pick up available.
  • WINS – Women in Need Society – gently used clothing and accessories, housewares, small appliances, toys, sporting goods, furniture, books, music and video, musical instruments, hand tools, mobility aids. Pick up available. 
South East Calgary
  • The Mustard Seed – clothes, footwear, backpacks, toiletries, transit tickets, work boots and safety glasses.
South West Calgary
  • Making Changes – Women’s business and business casual clothing, undergarments, hosiery, shoes, boots, handbags, accessories, cosmetics and personal care products.

Donation Town – This site has a directory of multiple charities and links by type of item. Many of the charities provide pick up of items.

3.  Have Your Clutter Hauled Away

Sometimes the task is just to large or over-whelming. For example, when your couch is in such bad shape it can’t be donated, or when a loved one has passed and left a houseful of items. In these cases, you may decide it is most expedient to pay to have everything hauled away.

  • 310-Dump – Pay only for the truck capacity filled by your load. They will recycle and properly dispose of all your unwanted items.
  • Just – They will remove almost anything and will recycle and donate whatever they can.
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