Organizing Myth #3: Organizing is Boring.

The mere thought of organizing can elicit yawns and thoughts that make us want to curl up under the covers for the rest of the day. Why is that? It’s not the thought of being organized, but the task of getting organized – the thought of wading through all our stuff (physical and emotional) and […]

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Organizing Myth # 2: I’m Just Not an Organized Person.

Some folks think you’re either born with the organizing gene or you’re not. I don’t think so. Yes, some folks may be more inclined to enjoy perusing at Staples, or get excited about a new organizing gadget or tip. But I believe we all yearn for some sense of order in our lives – a […]

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Organizing Myth #1: Being Organized Looks Like … [insert your image here]

A perfectly organized closet full of tupperware

I used to believe being organized looked a certain way – something out of the pages of a magazine. I longed for a pantry full of neatly arranged Tupperware and a linen closet ala Martha Stewart. The realities (at least for me): There is always something that won’t fit in my neatly arranged containers. The people […]

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